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New York City Real Estate Guide and FAQ
Information for Buyers

The buyer guide the new york city real estate market explains the many services that is provided to you by Tungsten Property as a buyer. It also outlines the experience of the new york city based real estate agents and how they can go about finding you a perfect property at no cost to you. You can find out more in the New York City Real Estate buyer services section.

Information for Sellers

Our sellers guide section includes a detailed outline of the information needed for someone who is looking to sell their New York City apartment. Whether you are looking for condominiums (condos), co-operative apartments (co-ops), or even town homes, we have the information that will need to ensure that your selling process is an easy one. The guide covers the steps and processes from selling your apartment, including how to list, as well as the benefits of listing exclusively with Tungsten Property. The things that the agent will cover including advertising the property in a full color brochure, showing it to clients and listing it on Tungsten Property website which generates a large amount of leads for the clients in the process.

Closing Costs

Another key part of this New York City Real Estate Guide covers the closing costs and how it breaks down depending on your situation. It details the closing costs for those dealing in New York City real estate if they are buying Condos, Town homes or town house, Cooperative Apartments or selling it. See More Details in our New York City Guide to Understanding Closing Costs.

Information for Renters

The renters guide covers information that renters need to have and understand in order to expedite their New York city apartment search such as the different types of leases and explanations of each. The guide also covers what renters need to bring on their search. Typically for a Manhattan apartments search or a search in any other borough of New York City, one needs to have a credit report, bank statements, a guarantor, in addition to other documents to speed up the process of searching for an apartment in NYC. That is all covered in the the renter's guide section of the new york city real estate guide and frequently asked questions. Also explained in this section is the meaning of no fee as well as an explanation of how to figure how much you should be paying depending on how much you make.