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Marfa Real Estate
Sitting far afield in far West Texas, Marfa stands as an intriguing blend of the highest levels of contemporary art and historical significance. With a population of just 1,700 people, vast expanses of desert encircle this former railroad and military outpost, putting this art town at a multi-hour pilgrimage from any nearby city. Creating this draw is the artistic legacy of Donald Judd and his contemporaries such as John Chamberlain, which has inspired many to uproot their lives in urban centers to settle down in one of the quirkiest and most special small towns in America.

In affiliation with Tungsten’s art-related real estate practice, Tungsten has been a active participant in many real estate ventures in Marfa, from hospitality projects, retail endeavors, and assisting homegrown brands in exporting the Marfa culture to other cities such New Orleans. Tungsten has also purchased multiple commercial properties for investors, including the former Masonic Lodge and the West Texas Utilities Building. To continue to support its clients long past the end of the transaction, Tungsten maintains on site partnerships for showings, property management, and building maintenance. Plaease contact at marfa@tungstenproperty.com to discuss what you have in mind.