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St. Barths Real Estate

St. Barths is an island nestled in the Caribbean with a global vacation presence that has evolved into a renowned luxury destination. Once a collection of small French fishing towns, the island’s quaint villages have transformed into hubs of upscale living and tourism. St. Barths now offers a variety of exclusive properties for vacation rentals and investment opportunities, from oceanfront villas to hillside estates,

Tungsten Property has a long standing relationship with our partners in St. Barths for a variety of services including property listings and showings, vacation rental bookings, and concierge services. From Gustavia to Saint Jean beach, Tungsten has been in place on the island for over a decade and has completed multiple transactions on the island hand in hand with our local partner. If you’re interested in learning more about vacation rentals or purchasing, please email stbarths@tungstenproperty.com or call 212-343-7330 and our agents experienced with the different St. Barths’ towns and beaches will be happy to assist you.